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Furniture Cleaning Wayne | Batavia | Geneva | St CharlesMany “carpet cleaners,” do not clean furniture because it usually requires a more technical level of skill and knowledge. Unfortunatley, the few that do attempt to clean furniture use the same carpet cleaning solutions, equipment and mind set as they would on carpet. Upholstered furniture is alot different than the fuzzy stuff you walk on. There are many blends, weaves, and styles available that require different cleaning chemistry, equipment and knowledge. Just like carpet, furniture requires periodic, professional cleaning to remove dust, dander, allergens, pet dander and other contaminants. If you have waited to have your furniture cleaned out of fear you need to give our professional furniture cleaning service a try. Fiberking furniture cleaning can restore your upholstery to showroom new condition for a fraction of the cost of new! Call our furniture cleaning crew today for a free, no obligation demo or have us clean in conjunction with your carpet and save even more!