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Oriental rug cleaning Wayne | Batavia | Geneva | St CharlesMost “carpet cleaners,” claim to offer this service but few get it right, mainly in part because Oriental Rug cleaning requires a large amount of knowledge, experience and technical aptitude. These type of textiles, mainly natural fiber require different cleaning solutions and methods to avoid damage. The company cleaning these delicate rugs must have knowledge of color crocking, dye bleeding, dye migration, rug construction, and what to do and when. Don’t trust your rug to a fast talking carpet cleaner that will most likely throw it on his shop floor and steam clean it like wall to wall carpet. This is a surface clean that can not only damage the rug, but is not removing the deep embedded particulate matter that can harm the rugs foundation. There are many steps involved in proper washing of rugs unlike carpet cleaning. Our owner, has basically a degree in Oriental rug care. He holds an IICRC  certification, has attended many industry trade seminars, and is the “go to guy” for many of the areas rug retailers.


  1. Dye and colorfast testing to make sure rug is safe to wash.
  2. Mechanical dusting to remove particulate matter.
  3. Rug washing in our special “bath” the most thorough cleaning method.
  4. Removal of solution using wringing, extraction, etc.
  5. Drying of rug by hanging or flat face down.
  6. Topical treatments such as moth proofing, soil retardant, etc.
  7. Fringe detail.
  8. A thorough final vacuuming of the rug.
  9. Paper wrapping as needed.