Oriental rug cleaning Geneva

Loose style rugs are very common today in homes across the nation. They come in many varieties; wool tufted, dhurrie, (flat weave), hand knotted to art silk, (rayon) to name a few. Most rugs fall into one of two categories, machine made or hand knotted. Most machine made are typically, wool tufted, meaning the face of the rug is wool with a latex backing glued to a panel on the backside of the rug. A true hand knotted rug like an Afghan,  Tabriz, etc. are made by hand on a loom, woven with so many knots per square inch, more knots equals more value. Most hand knotted rugs will have a cotton foundation, sometimes made of wool, hemp etc. While most rugs look easy to care for, most carpet cleaners are not trained in the science of Persian rug cleaning and restoration. Many rugs can bleed, crock and migrate dye with the smallest amount of moisture. These fine textiles are not to be “steam cleaned,” like wall to wall carpet in the typical home. Natural fiber like wool and silk require certain cleaning solutions and ph levels that do not break down the wool and cotton fringes. Cleaning “Oriental,” rugs requires a degree in chemistry to an extent, knowledge and proper equipment. Maybe you have rugs throughout your home valued in the thousands or one or two from the local big box store. Maybe you were nervous, even afraid to have them leave your home in the hands of a “carpet cleaner,” for fear they may never come back and if they do, ruined.

If you need true rug cleaning look no further than the Fiberking Rug Spa of  St. Charles, Geneva and Batavia. We specialize in the care of these textiles with a 1500 sq./ft. shop dedicated to rug cleaning and repair. Our firm is the areas only Wool Safe certified plant in the area. We are also the areas only Clean Trust certified master cleaning firm in the area with over 24 yrs. experience. The Fiberking Rug Spa specializes in pet odor removal and rug restoration. So don’t lug your rug miles away, when you have an expert right in your own backyard! Call Fiberking Oriental rug cleaning today! (630) 513-7841 or visit us fiberkingcleaning.com