Mattress cleaning service St.Charles

A mattress can harbor all types of contamination, body fluids, dust mites, etc. What do you do if you little Johnny wakes up in a pool of yellow? Urine contamination is one of the biggest calls we receive at Fiberking Mattress cleaning services. Most companies will attempt to remove just the stain leaving all the actual contamination embedded deep inside the mattress. Is there hope? You bet there is! Fiberking mattress cleaning service has been specially trained and equipped to decontaminate your mattress and return it to like new condition for a fraction of the cost of new. A typical mattress can hold millions of allergy aggravating dust mites. These creatures are the cause of many allergic reactions, asthma etc. Even if your mattress is wrapped in a protective anti allergen “bag,” it should be cleaned and sanitized every 6 Mo’s for max. protection. Fiberking has a specialized anti allergen cleaning program designed for carpet, furniture, rugs and of course mattresses. These specialized anti allergen cleaning solutions are chemical free, plant based and destroy the dust mite’s waste product which most are allergic to called (denaturing). This process has been proven to work for many suffering from indoor allergies and provides a 6 mo. residual effect. If you suffer from a dirty mattress call Fiberking mattress cleaning service today! (630) 513-7841.