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Drapery cleaning Wayne | Batavia | Geneva | St CharlesMany people never give their drapes a second thought. They open them in the morning and shut them again at night. The sun beats down on the drapes day in and day out. Pet hair, insects and dust particles accumulate inside the folds of the drapery. This same dirt and dust gathers at the top of the drapery and around the curtain hooks. If you value a clean home, now is the time to engage in a drapery cleaning service to get them clean once and for all.

A good carpet cleaning company can clean the draperies while they are cleaning your carpet. In fact, it is beneficial to have your draperies and carpet cleaned at the same time. The dirt from the draperies might fall on the carpet and make the carpet dirty. Cleaning both at the same time will leave a clean smelling home. With a drapery cleaning service, there is no need to take the draperies off the walls. When the cleaning service comes to your home to clean the drapes, they will do it right where the drapes are hanging. They will not be twisted or soaked in solutions. This means that they will not shrink, and no damage will occur to your valuable fabric.

Our drapery cleaning service will have your drapes looking refreshed and smelling good in no time at all.