About Us


Our mission is to provide our customers with a healthy indoor environment by removing many of the indoor contaminants. This includes dirt, grime, odors and irritants that trigger allergic reactions.

Throughout our history we have developed superior technology and processes with one goal in mind – a healthy indoor environment!

We are the choice for many homeowners, realtors and businesses. Why do so many individuals choose us for their cleaning needs?

  • Convenient Hours
  • Quality Service
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Superior Technology
  • Full Line of Services
  • Trained Technicians


Q-I have heard once I have my carpet cleaned it will soil up quicker and never look the same.

A-Quality cleaning solutions that Fiberking utilizes will leave no soil attracting residue. We only use the finest cleaning solutions available made specifically for our craft, not something from the big box stores!

Q-Steam cleaning will leave my carpet wet for days and can cause mold.

A-The proper term, “hot water extraction” is recommended by the largest manufacturer of carpet, Shaw industries. Performed correctly by an IICRC certified technician, your carpet will be dry in just a few hours and damp to the touch.

Q-Dry cleaning is better than wet cleaning.

A-Imagine lathering your hair with shampoo and not being able to rinse it out, that is the basis of dry cleaning, there is no rinsing step!

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