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Today it seems everyone and their brother cleans carpet. You know the neighbor down the street, or the worker friend in the next cubicle whispering, “I’ve got a guy, and he’s so cheap.” So, after hearing this for what seems to be hours on end, you call the “guy.” He shows up after calling you several times to inform you he’s running late. After waiting 2 hours, you hear a loud vehicle pull into your driveway and out pops an individual with ripped jeans, a cigarette hanging on his lip and the most beat up of what seems to be a van you’ve ever seen! You answer the door and take in the sweet smell of cigarette and body odor and immediately regret your decision that you called the “guy.” After showing the “guy,” all your concerns regarding your carpet, he immediately promises to remove every spot and have your carpet dry in few hours. He fires up his old leaky machine and gets to work in your family room. You see him sweating profusely scrubbing your fine carpet. After a few minutes you notice the spots he promised to remove aren’t removing, he broke a lamp and the 4 upper bedrooms he cleaned before the family room in 15 mins. are soaking wet and smell like a wet dog. You ask him about this and he replies, “I’m not sure why these spots aren’t coming out.” He finally finishes and explains it will cost more than the original quote because it took longer than he thought. At this point your fuming and your carpet looks worse than it did originally! You feel obligated to pay him as he was referred to you and you want to keep the peace, but inside your disgusted! A few days go by and you decide to call the “guy,” as you carpet is still damp and now you have new spots that weren’t there before he cleaned.  You never here back from the “guy.”

Sound familiar? Unfortunately, this happens everyday in the carpet cleaning business. There are many that claim to be carpet cleaning professionals when in deed their not! Today’s high tech carpet requires ongoing training, education and experience. Proper cleaning solutions, equipment and technique all play a critical role in the cleaning of your carpet. The old adage, “you get what you pay for,” is still alive and well especially in the carpet cleaning arena! Don’t risk your investment to the “guy,” but rather a company with years of high quality cleaning experience, working relationships with multiple flooring stores, high end realtors and interior designers that call on Fiberking to get the job done right, on time and on budget! Fiberking is the area’s only IICRC,  (Cleantrust), certified firm in the area, assuring we have met the proper guidelines set forth by this organization that is the governing body of our great industry. We thank you for taking the time to view our website and look forward to serving and adding you to our thousands of satisfied customers around the Western suburbs and Chicago Metropolitan area.

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At Fiberking Carpet Cleaning, our trustworthy cleaning crews are backed by more than 24 years of experience. For your convenience, we also offer three different carpet cleaning packages to accommodate your lifestyle, your carpet type, and your budget. There is never any high pressure and pushy games with our company, just suggestions, tips and clean carpet! Call the carpet cleaning experts in St. Charles today at Fiberking carpet cleaning.

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